Gravel Jerseys

Gravel bike rides are gaining in popularity all over the world. Along with this comes a growing demand for specialised equipment designed for this type of riding, especially gravel jerseys. These special cycling jerseys are designed to meet the unique demands of gravel road riding. They are becoming an indispensable piece of equipment for lovers of this form of activity.

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Gravel apparel differ from traditional cycling jerseys in several respects. They are designed for comfort on the long-distance routes that characterise gravel tours. Their cut is often slightly looser, providing freedom of movement and greater comfort on long rides. Despite the looser cut, gravel shirts retain the key features of cycling jerseys. They are lightweight, breathable and effectively wick away perspiration, which is key during intense exercise. One feature that sets jerseys apart is the practical pockets. Due to the long-lasting nature of gravel riding, these jerseys are often equipped with additional pockets. These allow you to store essential items. From food and tools to extra layers of clothing. Jerseys are not only about functionality, but also about style. Many have unique, often minimalist designs. It reflects the spirit of adventure and independence that gravel riding brings. This makes jerseys not only a practical item, but also a fashion item.

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