Czapka Kolarska Gravel

Born in Warsaw

The Wolno brand was born in Warsaw. Here we design all our products. We also live, work and ride every day. We love this city, although we are happy to escape from it to Poland and the world for cycling adventures.

For the scribe

The Wolno project involves more than a dozen people who “after hours” combine their strength, experience and busyness to create good cycling products. We come from different industries and specialties – graphics, fashion, sportswear design, photography, film, music, marketing and e-commerce.

We like bikes and combine our skills into a multidisciplinary approach to products.

Bluza Rowerowa Zielona Gravel

On the axis of freedom

For us, Wolno is all about having fun, freedom and liberty.  We don’t rush, we share tasks, we spend a lot of time together on and off the bike, we don’t live for work, we smile and we are sometimes late. 

A mix of cycling, functionality and style

We want Wolno to bring some freshness to the Polish cycling apparel world by mixing functionality, style and the sum of brand experience in products. When designing our products, we take inspiration from professional cycling, streetwear, workwear and outdoor clothing with a vintage vibe.

Czapka Kolarska Damska
Koszulka z długim rękawem gravel off white


We don’t claim that sports cures depression. We do know that it helps us in our worse moments. You won’t fix all your problems on a bicycle, but you will work through some when you stop thinking and start pedaling.

No matter how old you are, your identity, gender or state of mind. You are free to have worse days, you are free to have weaker years. You are free to have no strength, no desire. Free to cry, to talk about your problems and above all – you are always free to ask for help.

Free to be guided by values such as balance of life, conformity to nature, unconventionality and being yourself. Our manifesto is to live unhurriedly, in harmony with each other and nature, and be free to explore the asphalt, gravel and forests.

Company data

Czapka Kolarska Damska

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